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If you play the lottery often and you’ve dreamed about winning the jackpot but you never the right number combination, then Magayo Lotto is for you. This is a software that helps you make predictions so you can plan your next lottery ticket depending on the each number’s winning possibility.

Magayo Lotto has a very simple interface that makes it super user friendly. Just pick the country you currently live in and search through a list of lottery games in your area. Once you’ve picked your favorite game, you’ll see a list of past results. Every single day of the previous months are organized in a way that you can easily look through and compare the results to help you come up with your own predictions.

Knowing the lottery ball’s trends could help you increase your chances at guessing the correct numbers and even winning the lottery. There is also a section where you can check the probability of a number being called, which numbers have been called the most throughout history and some statistics that show you the best options to play each day.

Another great feature of the app is that you can randomly generate tickets and play in any game of any country that’s available online with specific sums based on past results. There are more than 200 games to choose from and Magayo Lotto can help you study different statistics to help you try to become a millionaire with a little advantage over your competition.
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